He refuses to follow the advice of his tattoo anal orgy artist and will pay him very dear


The tattooists do not say for nothing that it is advised not to go swimming in the days following the laying of a tattoo. The evidence with this terrible story of a 31-year-old Mexican, who denied this instruction, and who lost his life.

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The man in question Jav Rape had a tattoo on his leg. And in spite of the instructions of the tattoo artist that he told him not to go swimming for at least a week, the man went, five days later, to take a plunge in the Gulf of Mexico. Except that the next day, the man suddenly had a fever, chills and had a strange stain at the level of his tattoo. His condition worsened and he was eventually hospitalized.
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In fact, the man had been the victim of a flesh-eating bacteria, which had managed to enter via a small wound at the height of his tattoo. Antibiotics did not have the desired effect, and the man was sent to the intensive care in the stride. He even survived a first skeptical shock, but eventually his condition seemed to gradually improve ...

Except that two months after the facts, while he was still being treated in the hospital, his kidneys stopped working, and the Jav Anal man finally died.


If this kind of infection is very rare, it is better to wait two weeks before going to swim with a new tattoo. The risk of having an infection is greater when the wound is not completely closed.


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