Osteopathy: petition of 19,000 signatures tight ass for a professional order

Quebec A petition from nearly 19,000 signatures demanding a firm commitment from the government to oversee the profession of osteopath and to create a separate professional order as soon as possible was handed to the National Assembly on Wednesday.

The text of the petition, tabled by Solidarity Member of Parliament jav Lesbians Amir Khadir, recalls that actions were taken by professional bodies (College of Physicians, Professional Order of Physiotherapy and Order of Chiropractors of Quebec) against College de Osteopathic studies in Quebec and its outpatient clinic, and that these actions "create a climate of uncertainty about the practice of osteopathy".

The creation of a separate professional association would not only avoid this kind of confrontation, it would also standardize training and clearly define the requirements for osteopathy in order to better protect the public, argues -we.

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However, regulating osteopathy by the Quebec professional system would make it more accessible in the public health system, Osteopathy Québec said on its website. At present, osteopathic consultations are Jav Gangbang exclusively private and are at the patient's expense (but reimbursable by several insurance companies).
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There are about 2 million osteopathic consultations annually in Quebec, "a health-beneficial approach as it is practiced by competent professionals," said the petition filed in the National Assembly.

Osteopathy is defined by Osteopathy Québec as "an exclusively manual approach whose objective is to restore the functionality of all the structures and systems of the human body in order to promote its capacity for self-regulation". "In its clinical practice, the osteopath uses precise manual adjustment techniques to restore optimal mobility to bones, muscles, fasciae, nerves and organs. This mobility restores the body's balance and relieves the patient's symptoms, "the organization said.

Since the beginning of 2014, the Office des professions du Québec (OPQ) has been working on the implementation of the framework for the practice of osteopathy, whose conclusions are "ardently awaited", the petitioners insist.

In the office of the Porn Bondage  Minister of Justice, Stéphanie Vallée, we promise to act quickly on the OPQ's proposal. "The minister is Jav Massage aware of the concerns about protecting the public. She is challenged, and she will act as soon as possible after she has received the opinion of the OPQ, "assures her press officer, Isabelle Marier St-Onge.


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