The sunscreen, put it anal pain on or not?

Even though the sun is playing hide and seek this spring, the safety of sunscreens is being questioned by many parents and consumers who have been alerted by the recent cases of children with severe skin reactions. Should we be alarmed?

Health Canada announced Wednesday it had received seven new reports of adverse reactions to solar products for children squirting porn and babies Banana Boat during the day, bringing to ten the number of cases recorded since the beginning of the season.

Earlier this week, the Canadian surveillance agency had already announced its intention to investigate these products following complaints from three consumers in different regions of Canada - including a Cacouna mother in Quebec - claiming that their babies had suffered Of "chemical burns" after being brushed with cream or sprayed Banana Boat lotions.

The photos of these red-faced, bloated and blisters have been widely circulated over the past few days on social networks, raising parents' fears about sunscreens. The recipes of lotion "home" have even regained some popularity on the Internet.
New Reports

Health Canada said Wednesday that four reports of burns involving children aged 14 months to 9 years were linked to Banana Boat products for children, while three other reports, referring to "5 months old babies in adulthood" Targeted Banana Boat Kids products. A baby spray version is also associated with the infant burn reported this week by a Newfoundland mother. The company has been the subject of sixteen reports since the establishment of a reporting mechanism in 1966.

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According to Maryse Durette, Senior Consultant at Health Canada, follow-up continues with the manufacturer, Edgewell Personal Care Canada, to verify the safety of the product. The investigation is too late to say whether or not ingredients might be involved, she said.

Banana Boat, for its part, claims on social networks that all its products meet Health Canada standards and that samples from the same lot as those used by the complainants have been retested and found to be safe. On the other hand, the company's Facebook page abounds with negative comments from consumers, sometimes with similar burns.

Dangerous or not?

The active ingredients used as UVB chemical filters in common sun protection products have been the same in Canada for at least 15 years, says Lionel Ripoll, a professor at the University of Quebec in Chicoutimi and coordinator of the Department of Specialized Studies In cosmetology. "Since then, Health Canada has not authorized any new filters, so these are products that have been registered for a very long time," notes the specialist.

In his opinion, scientific studies have not denied the safety of current chemical filters, but it is always possible that allergic reactions may occur, especially in young children. Many factors may come into play, including interaction with other cosmetics and photosensitivity, he says.

"These reactions are rare. They must be put into perspective with the risks posed by exposure to the sun. In Canada, one-third Jav Creampie of cancers are skin cancers, "says Ripoll.

A Deceptive Factor

However, marketing practices in the sunscreen market have led some public health authorities and the Canadian Public Health Association to propose that the SPF (sun protection factor) be limited to 30 products. According to them, high SPFs cause consumers to believe they are falsely protected and to expose themselves to sunlight for a longer time. However, the difference between an SPF 30 (97% of blocked UVB rays) and 50 (98%) is very small.

Since 2007, the European Community has banned the labeling of "total screening" or "total protection". Sunscreens can contain physical filters that block harmful rays, including UVB, while chemical filters absorb rays. UVB rays are associated with the risk of skin cancer, while UVA is responsible for premature aging of the epidermis.


The US environmental research and lobby group EWG claims that three-quarters of the 1800 solar protection products sold in the United States offer less protection than the declared one, and some even contain endocrine disrupters. Following hormonal disorders in laboratory rats, the organization is concerned about the toxicity of some chemicals, not adverse reactions, such as those observed this week in Canada.

At the bench of EWG accused, oxybenzone, a chemical filter that would cause these hormone disorders

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