If people are running and fitness, you ebony porno need to know these things to protect your chest

In a 2013 study of female athletes participating in the London Marathon, the experts obtained results: 32% said that, sometimes, they feel pain in the chest while running. Among them, 17% sometimes have to cut the amount of practice time because of this pain. 

Then, researchers continue to learn about the movement of the ring 1 in the sport. Let's explore the interesting things Av japan Porn about the first round when you run and how to preserve the golden breasts of his: 

1. The chest should not be upheld many can not freeze when you run

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Doctor Andrea Cheville, Director of Rehabilitation for cancer patients at the Mayo Clinic (Minnesota), said: "Depending on the size, breasts may become very severe. The body does not really support good support for them. nothing more to ensure breasts shall be fixed when you run for only a few skin and ligaments support the breasts alone ". 

Doctors Chevile revealed: "The area of the body, such as the abdomen, usually better. You can run and the inner organs without shaking, because we have a class sheathed strong make up from the muscle fibers. But the breasts are not like that. basically, the chest is not supported. Moreover, breasts have these receptors pain. And when you run, the support factor ( very limited capital) stretched, you will feel pain in your chest. " 

2. When you run, your breasts move far more than you think 

Michelle Norris, expert support advanced research and sports science department at the University of Portsmouth practice (UK), studied the motion of vote chest and test products to support laboratory chest.

Together with colleagues, Norris suggested women who participate in the study run on treadmill in condition to topless, with support bra has a low and with specialized bra. They used equipment recorded 3D motion to consider the threshold of chest movement and found that breasts move in formation 8. Not up, down - move vertically that most people run are said to be so - that is laterally and from front to back. "Breasts are a mass of tissue, not muscle mass. It has no solid structure. It can move in the 3 ball when running. And the fact is the case," the expert explained Norris.
When you add up all the moves in 3 aspects together, breasts - unsupported - will move around 15cm while you run (laboratories different publication of different figures, depending on size breasts participants). Approximately 50% of this vertical motion, 25% move into 2 parties and the remaining 25% is moving from front to back and vice versa. 

3. A good bra is the mandatory use when running

Because breasts need fixed up when running you need to use special bra for support. Under strong warnings from experts, you go buy bras and choose carefully: Try different types and can choose the best type. Look for a store that sells items for the sports with sales staff are knowledgeable to choose the most appropriate. 

Some women like bra compression (compression), others favored the compact form Slim shirt (encapsulation). Indeed, the best type is the kind you feel comfortable wearing.

"Bras are one of the most important things for any women playing sports. If you have a bra set course in your back, you should wear in the course most liquid. When experienced many washes and loose, you can set the level of tighter courses, "the expert stressed Norris. 

4. Step your running motion does not affect breast


And this is what makes Norris astounded experts from research in his lab: No matter your speed is how much, breasts still move along a certain level. "I still think that if you run faster, chest will also move more. But the truth is not so. If you run at the speed of 10km / h, breasts actually moving at the maximum. But if you runs at the speed 14km / h, they do not move much, "she said. 

Lessons for the female athlete athletics: Do not think that, if you run long distances and maintain rhythm running slowly, you can use this type of bra has a low support. You always need a bra with high support levels at runtime. 

5. Be extremely careful with chest pain 

Many different types of chest pain - most of which can easily Fake

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