Improving eyesight for free sex video young with these simple exercises

More and more kids getting refractive eye

In those years, the phenomenon of young school age must cut the glass on a rise, even with family all 2-3 must wear glasses because refractive eye. In Vietnam has more than 3 million students, students Kana Tsuruta trapped refractive eye, focused mainly in the two biggest cities of Hanoi and HO CHI MINH CITY is. HCM. Concern, the incidence is tend to thrive in rural areas. Idly by?

Improving eyesight for young with these simple exercises-1
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Children up to school age being the refractive error of the eye on a rise (artwork)

In addition to the subjective factor carries causes such as: genetic, babies, less resistance ... the majority of children suffered eye refractive Vietnam due to: the learning process and the lack of entertainment to science. At school the children must study with high intensity in terms of the environment light is not guaranteed, the sitting posture, learning to read is not true ... Once home, the children often watch the television, the telephone, the computer continuously for many hours and in very close distance. The work on making the eyes were overloaded, no time to rest, to cause the disability of the eye such as myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, a defect ...


According to health experts, children with severe myopia than to have to rely on the difficulty in daily living activities also have the risk of having complications: strabismus, retinal tear, retinal ... which can lead to blindness.

Improve your eyesight with simple exercises

To cure the refractive eye, children who are under 18 can wear glasses to limit falling away-the tangent, the adults can do surgery. The children also need to work out scientific activity habits, logical school: sitting in the right posture, limit tv, using the computer, cell phone, join more outdoor activities ...

Improving eyesight for young with these simple exercises-2

Yoga exercises help improve vision performance

In addition, the children may improve eyesight naturally by practicing eye yoga incorporates meditation, NLP and medical qigong. The above method will help you be more articles, reasonable rest. The yoga exercises will give you the strength came from inside the endless source of energy bearing from the universe to every cell in the body, help you purify the self brings physical and mental health. Apply creative methods above, the experts at School bright eyes has designed these fascinating exercises only with string, pencil, candle ... create fun and effective for people.

Tap the pen: A pen 1 handles any, then I take it straight out in front, and then to move the hand to the left and right lungs quietly, eyes move by hand, when would I eye strain, it will make the methods of massage, relax and rest your eyes. Move the pen to the left-right 10 times in one episode. Perform 3-5 minutes/time; 2-4 times a day.

Set of candles: sitting in the middle of the room, dark room lit 1 candle, the episode sitting retreats, eyes looking straight into the flame on the candle, can weep but not the blink of an eye to eye strain, then close your eyes for the eye to rest and would such repeated 3 times is the end of assignments of candle. Perform 10-15 minutes/time on every evening.

Episode: two people sitting across from each other and 1 m, a person holding one end of the rope 1 m to the side of his nose (nose 1 cm), the other head of the remaining cord cover plate moves to check eyesight. Note: the cover plate is adjacent to the rope, move away and then into near, until the opposite can not read the words on the cover sheet that will stop and colored pens to mark that point onto the wire. If the marker on a far away from the eye, meaning that your eyes are very good eyesight restored.

These exercises need to be meticulous guidance teachers, students hold a new highly effective workout. Only after 30 days, your vision will be restored, reduced accessibility, not even dependence on glasses. Next time, the teachers at School bright eyes also advise, instruct students to diet and living as: complement the vitamins and minerals limited, sat in the room, exposed too long with computers, televisions, mobile phones; participation in outdoor activities; learning the correct posture and sitting there resting time for the eye to regulate ...

I Naidu Fu'an (primary Fixed Front CS2) just looked to be 8 rows in 4 m. After their training in School I saw bright eyes is 11 rows in position 5 m.

Similarly, Khanh Van Pham (Phu Thuong primary school) after a set of eyes had looked to be 8 rows in position 3 m (at first I looked at was 7.5 in 2 m).

With advice, guidance of professional trainers, after three years, the school has bright eyes helps more than 10,000 people have light eyes, built more than 30 establishments in the provinces all over the country, contributed in improving eyesight for the pupils.

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