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Experts recognize that even using any hair removal method does have a 80% risk of infection than the group STDs to feather "private parts" natural growth. 
You may not notice much of her pubic hair, or just waxing or trimming it neatly, then resume their lives without gangbang noticing it. According to research published in the journal Sexually Transmitted Infections, researchers surveyed more than 14,000 men and women aged 18 to 65 about how they did with the pubic hair of his, frequency trimming or waxing and hair removal method. The researchers also asked the participants about their sexual past. 

Sexual risk when waxing genital area

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Based results of the survey, the researchers divided into 4 groups: group actively pubic hair care, people in this group often waxing pubic over 11 times / year. Regular care group pubic hair, they often waxing recurring daily or weekly. Group care is not positive, they occasionally waxing pubic once. And finally seldom care groups, they hardly care about their pubic hair looks like.
And here's the interesting part: The experts realize that although use any methods of hair removal are 80% there is no risk of STDs than the group to develop natural pubic hair. However, the frequency of care also have an important role - positive group and regular care group contagious STDs 4 times compared with those who care little or almost no attention to the pubic hair. 

The researchers are not sure about the link between shaving, waxing pubic with the infection of STDs but one hypothesis: the shaved with razors can cause scratches the skin, which makes them easy HPV infection - a kind of sexual disease.
Notably, people or trimming pubic hair usually younger and tend to be more sexually active than those who do not or shave, they also have more sexual partners. Obviously the more you love, the risk of transmission of STDs is higher. In addition, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that half of all infections STDs new will happen for young people, this reinforces the view that young people tend sex is unsafe, raising the possibility of transmission of STDs up. 

Also note that this is only one study through observation and no specific scientific basis to prove that your pubic hair shaved STDs infected - they just find the link between them only.
In other words, keep doing what you want anything with your pubic hair, just remember safe sex and regular gynecological exams, it will ensure your safety.

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