The strange expression anal orgasm in the sisters when "near" the husband

Hey sister! I'm 23 years old this year and new wedding was months. "The first time" of children extremely difficult. Because I'm too scared of the pain so my husband also dare not do. So to the month we do "it". 

So far, everything was easier, but I have a disturbed dare not share with anyone. It is in the "intimate", each time to climax as the tears just flowed out. Though I don't want to cry but could not stop the tears. My husband afraid hurt should leave quietly. I would like to ask you what problem xxx Japan AV does not, has anyone been like not or is due to the early days of trouble so now I suffer so? Looking forward to consulting doctors help children to children no longer have to worry anymore. I thank Uncle sĩ1 (Finland)

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You Dear Brother Orchid,

Normally, if naturally flowing water eye that is unrelated to the sex talk, probably due to corneal dryness, or inflammation of the rules. Sometimes the free flowing tears because the spirit was strong irritation such as euphoria or excessive suffering.

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The strange expression in the sisters when "near" my husband 1
Many sisters have the strange expression when "over the top". Photo illustrations

Case you weep when to "climax" in each "Committee" is due to the influence of the excessive euphoria. If the phenomenon that only happens in the right peak each the love, then back off, and the health of your eyes remain normal nothing to worry about. Maybe when your bruised life balance, the expression of that will be lost. Conversely, if after the tears, you suffer from aches, eye vision, reducing the need for physicians to be supported treatment.
Water is just one of many strange expression appears in the sisters when "the relations of husband and wife". When the top (orgasm) feeling of euphoria, body moderately is pushed to the maximum excitement status as a mental stimulus. The stage of a woman's orgasm takes place very quickly and not everyone feel. At this point, the muscle spasm can occur should extreme status seizures, nerve irritation. In some children, the extreme contraction can impact a number of organs in the body, leading to hard feelings appeared description of emotion, for example: crying, laughing with no control, goosebumps, tears, paralyzed people. The other strange signs can vary depending on the person.

You should not worry because it is just one of the normal psychological expression of the woman. Instead, you should share your feelings with your husband. This is necessary because it helps you both understand each other more than to be able to maintain the life best blankets pillows, as well as enhance couple feelings, avoid having your husband misunderstood emotion of happiness into the warm memories of pain or grief.

Wish the couple you are always happy!

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